Investor Information

VIRxSYS has raised over $80 million through six rounds of financing thanks to the support of our investors.  Without their continued support and enthusiasm, the Company would not be able to develop technology that delivers on the promise of genetic medicine, allowing for the treatment of serious human diseases.

Technology Advancement
VIRxSYS intends to develop technology internally, as well as acquire technology which fit an SSD strategy:

  • Strategic – must help us drive toward our mission
  • Synergistic – must take advantage of our core competency in lentiviral vectors
  • Disruptive – must provide a significant and unique therapeutic advantage

Business Model
VIRxSYS’s strategy is to develop gene therapy treatments for serious diseases and advance each of those therapies into the market along one of three avenues:

  1. Exclusive licensing to, or partnering with, a major bio-pharmaceutical company
  2. Non-exclusive licensing to a bio-pharmaceutical company, retaining co-promotion or co-marketing rights for the United States
  3. Go-it-alone strategy whereby VIRxSYS will take the lead in sales, marketing and distribution

The “go to market” track will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Size of the market
  • Capital requirements to take to market
  • Complexity of the manufacturing and distribution channels
  • Strength of potential partners

Each disease indication will be evaluated to determine the most appropriate track.

Initial Market Opportunity
Conventional drug therapies for HIV-positive people in the industrialized world are estimated to be more than $6 billion.  When ancillary medical costs are factored in, the cost of treating HIV/AIDS more than doubles to $13 billion each year.  Despite the enormous cost of these treatments, toxicities inherent in the current antiretroviral drugs available make them undesirable for long-term use.  Genetic medicine holds promise for well-tolerated, effective therapies to combat HIV.

In addition to HIV/AIDS, VIRxSYS is researching similar applications of the Company’s proprietary technology toward other life-threatening diseases such as cancer.  With the National Institutes of Health estimating the cost of cancer to be close to $190 billion each year in direct and indirect medical costs and lost productivity, there is a clear need for innovative solutions.

These examples represent a significant opportunity to deliver on the promise of genetic medicine for the millions of people suffering from HIV/AIDS and cancer, and with the technology being researched at VIRxSYS, the Company is poised to do just that.

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