How to trace a phone number to find out who it belongs to

Have you ever received a call via WA (WhatsApp) from an unknown number? Surely you will wonder whose number suddenly calls the WA number many times.

It’s best not to think negatively first, because the caller could be your friend who changed his WA number or from an online motorcycle taxi driver who wants to deliver an order.

To be sure, you can check whose phone number is WA by tracking it. How to track a WA number is also quite easy.

You can use the WA application itself. And in this way you can also check the owner of the phone number from the photo and the name listed.

So that you are not curious, here’s how to track a WA number below.
How to Track WA Numbers

To track an unknown WA or cellphone number, you can use the WA application itself, provided that the owner of the cellphone number has a WA account.

Here are the steps:

  1. Save WA Number

Save the WA number or cellphone number that called you into the contact list (save with any name).

  1. Open WA

Open WA and look for the name then click New Chat but don’t send any chat.
How to Track WA Numbers

  1. View Profile Photo or Username

Track the owner’s WA or cellphone number by looking at the photo or username he uses.

How to Track WA Numbers
If you know the person and change the new number, you can continue with the chat, but if you don’t know you can ignore or ask the identity of the owner of the number.

For the record, how to track a WA number above will work if the owner of the number also uses the WhatsApp application.

That’s a way to track WA numbers that can be done easily. And how to track the WA number above can be the first step that is probably the easiest to do.

At least you can check the phone number of anyone who has WA to find out who the owner is. When you know the number calling is a prankster, you can immediately block it.

But if the unknown WA number turns out to be family or friends who changed the new number, you can save it. Hopefully the way to track a WA number above can help.

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