Company Overview

The Company Overview


Riku Rautsola, PhD
President and Chief Executive Officer

Gerard Fleury,

Gary McGarrity, PhD
EVP Scientific and Clinical Affairs
VIRxSYS Corporation
200 Perry Parkway, Suite 1A
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
United States



Year Founded

Financial Summary
Fundraising and Strategic Outlook
The Company has raised more than $80 million in six previous private equity rounds of financing since 1999, through Signature Capital Securities, LLP. The most recent round of fundraising will fund the Company through the completion of Phase II clinical trials for VRX496, a novel gene delivery therapy for HIV.

Company Profile
The Company, founded in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 1998, is a private biotechnology company whose mission is to develop gene-based therapies using its proprietary lentiviral vector-based delivery system. The first application of the Company’s novel gene delivery technology has been for the treatment of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. After a successful first-in-class Phase I clinical trial that demonstrated the safety profile of the Company’s product VRX496, this new ex-vivo anti-HIV treatment using a lentivector is currently being evaluated in the first and only Phase II clinical trial approved by the FDA involving a lentiviral vector. The Company’s lentiviral vector platform is an ideal delivery system for the effective treatment of disease. The Company’s vector technology is also being investigated for applications in anti-cancer therapies and for the treatment of other various life-threatening diseases.

The Company has developed a proprietary HIV-based lentiviral vector platform for delivery of genetic therapeutic payloads. Its first product, VRX496, for treatment of HIV, may offer the patients a long-term alternative to antiretroviral drug regimens. Traditional drug regimens are toxic and produce drug resistance strains of HIV. The Company believes that its therapy is non-toxic and solves the resistance issue thus enabling patients to live drug free. This has the potential to represent a significant improvement in the quality of life for people with HIV compared to that with the current antiretroviral drug treatments. The Company’s manufacturing capabilities are unparalleled in terms of large-scale clinical grade vector production and cell processing (including purification of vector, and transduction and expansion of patient cells). The Company has developed a stable cell line, which will make clinical grade vector production more compatible with commercialization. The Company has several therapies in preclinical development that apply the Company’s technology to the treatment of other diseases, such as cancer.

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