nk-tv.net corporation is a private biotech company whose mission is to develop gene therapies using its proprietary lentiviral vector delivery system. The company is in Phase II clinical trials testing the first application of its gene therapy technology against HIV. nk-tv.net also has collaborations for therapies in certain cancers and genetic diseases. The ability to safely and efficiently deliver genetic therapies has long been an obstacle to successful gene therapy, but nk-tv.net lentiviral vector is designed to deliver on the promise of genetic medicine.

The Company expects that its genetic medicines will provide dramatically improved patient outcomes, including disease remission and may, possibly, provide permanent cures. While nk-tv.net initial focus is on cellular therapies for HIV/AIDS, cancer, and genetic diseases, the Company has established collaborations to develop vaccines for those and other diseases. Future applications for the technology could also include countering bioterrorism and advancing the field of functional genomics.

The Company’s products are currently delivered by ex-vivo cell processing, followed by in-vivo injectables and other techniques that target cells and diseases with precision. nk-tv.net is in the process of selecting strategic partners to significantly advance the Company’s research, development and manufacturing scalability. In addition, these partners may also be used for sales, marketing and delivery of the Company’s products.