How to trace a phone number to find out who it belongs to

Have you ever received a call via WA (WhatsApp) from an unknown number? Surely you will wonder whose number suddenly calls the WA number many times. It’s best not to think negatively first, because the caller could be your friend who changed his WA number or from an online motorcycle taxi driver who wants to… Continue reading How to trace a phone number to find out who it belongs to

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Manufacturing Facilities

VIRxSYS is the only company currently testing a lentiviral vector permitted for use by the FDA in Phase II clinical trials. Consequently, VIRxSYS is uniquely positioned to manufacture clinical-grade lentiviral vectors for therapies treating a wide range of life-threatening diseases. VIRxSYS is initially focused on using lentiviral vectors in cellular therapies for HIV/AIDS. VIRxSYS both… Continue reading Manufacturing Facilities

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Intellectual Property

VIRxSYS has developed an extensive portfolio of intellectual property which is protected by a combination of patents, trade secrets, and trademark law. Below is a summary of the Company’s parent patents in the United States.  VIRxSYS also has many foreign counterparts in countries around the world. Patent/Ser No. Issue / Publication Date Title US 5,885,806… Continue reading Intellectual Property

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Advisory Boards

Medical Advisory Board VIRxSYS has assembled a Medical Advisory Board comprised of experts in HIV medicine.  The Medical Advisory Board offers guidance in the design and execution of the Company’s HIV clinical trials, and guidance in positioning VRX496.  The members of the Medical Advisory Board include: Member Affiliation  Brigitte Autran, MD, PhD Groupe Hospitalier Pitie-Salpetriere… Continue reading Advisory Boards

Investor Information

VIRxSYS has raised over $80 million through six rounds of financing thanks to the support of our investors.  Without their continued support and enthusiasm, the Company would not be able to develop technology that delivers on the promise of genetic medicine, allowing for the treatment of serious human diseases. Technology Advancement VIRxSYS intends to develop… Continue reading Investor Information

Product Pipeline

VIRxSYS has developed a proprietary HIV-based lentiviral vector gene delivery system, from which the disease-causing aspects of the virus have been removed, leaving behind an efficient delivery vehicle. In order to provide a therapy against HIV, VIRxSYS has equipped the vector with a long antisense sequence against the HIV envelope protein to create VRX496.  The… Continue reading Product Pipeline

Company Milestones

VIRxSYS has taken proof-of-concept studies performed at The Johns Hopkins University, completed its Phase I clinical trials in humans, and has initiated Phase II clinical trials in less than seven years. Company milestones are as follows: Date Milestone 1998 VIRxSYS incorporated 1999 First round of fundraising completed 2000 Initial meeting with the FDA to discuss the… Continue reading Company Milestones

Company Overview

The Company Overview Contacts Riku Rautsola, PhD President and Chief Executive Officer Gerard Fleury, EVP and CFO Gary McGarrity, PhD EVP Scientific and Clinical Affairs Address VIRxSYS Corporation 200 Perry Parkway, Suite 1A Gaithersburg, MD 20877 United States Telephone 301-987-0480 Fax 301-987-0489 Year Founded 1998 Financial Summary Fundraising and Strategic Outlook The… Continue reading Company Overview

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TITAN: NASA Solar system exploration

Titan іѕ bigger thаn Earth’s moon, аnd еvеn larger thаn thе planet Mercury. Titan іѕ thе оnlу moon іn оur solar ѕуѕtеm thаt hаѕ clouds аnd a dense atmosphere, аnd thе оnlу world apart frоm Earth wіth liquids оn іtѕ surface. Saturn’s largest moon Titan іѕ аn extraordinary аnd exceptional world. Amоng оur solar system’s… Continue reading TITAN: NASA Solar system exploration

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